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As tough as it takes

Kari Bunes is the new CEO of the Norwegian Packaging Association (DNE) starting August 16.

Kari Bunes, the coming CEO for the Norwegian Packaging Association (DNE), says she can be tough, when needed. But most of all she believes in networking.


Kari Bunes

Occupation: New CEO of DNE
Age: 40
Education: Master in marketing and communication.
Background: DNE, Glomma Papp

Kari Bunes will be the first female manager of DNE, following a line of powerful men with a strong style of leadership.

Believes in dialogue

- Are you tough enough for this assignment?

- Yes, I am, she replies firmly.

- I believe that a close dialogue with our members is very important to delelope our association in the way the members want. Being too tough can scare some people to silence.

- But if a situation occurs when tough action is needed, I can handle that to, she says.

Marketing expert

Kari Bunes has among other things been working with marketing issues in the Norwegian corrugated packaging company Glomma Papp. She has been working in DNE for the last five years.

She has a master degree in communication, leadership and power, and all her career has been about marketing.

- I think I can make a contribution when it comes to marketing the roll of packaging in the Norwegian society. The packaging business in Norway is changing in the sence that it's becoming more international.

- It is very important to make our members' effort more visable to the public. Politicians and others do not look at packaging the way we do, because they lack the right information.

Kari Bunes believes in networking and a close dialogue with the member companies.

Seminars and acticvities

DNE will continue to arrange seminars for their members, based on education and research.

The Packaging School continues, and can be expanded with a bachelor study at the Karlstad University in Sweden and the UMB in Ås, Norway.

- We will also arrange trips to the big packaging exhibitons like Interpack and Emballage. We will be present with our own stand to take care of our members on Scanpack and NEF-Dagene.

Kari Bunes, now planning for her take-over in August, has a humble approach when it comes to filling the shoes of her predecessor, Jan Ove Holmen.

- He has been av very good leader. Those are big shoes to fill, she says.

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