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IPEX: Buys digital printing factory

Director of Primera Technlogy Europe Andreas Hoffman congratulates Lars Høines (right) with his purchase of the digital printing factory.

Norwegian company Höines Marking has ordered two digital machines from Primera Technology Europe.


- Combined, these two machines is like a printing factory that is well suited for short runs, Kjell Erik Mathiesen explains. He is the managing director of ACT Group, the Scandinavian sales agent for Primera Technology Europe.

Combined offer

The printing factory consists of the laser printer CX1200e and the Digital Label Finishing machine FX 1200e. At IPEX, these machines were sold in a combined offer, but they can also be bought separately.

- The laser printer can print self adhesive labels from rolls up to 216 mm width and is delivered with its own software that is very simple to use, explains Andreas Hoffman, director of Primera Technology Europe.

Kjell Erik Mathiesen in ACT Group says that the two digital printing machines are very well suited for short runs of high quality labels in four colors.

Label printer

CX1200e is a great solution for a broad range of manufacturers who need to print from just a few labels to tens of thousands of labels at a time. Digital label printing has many advantages versus other printing technologies, including the elimination of plates, set-up, make-ready and clean-up.

- With a digital press, simply import the images, apply a step-and-repeat with the included software, key in a quantity and press “Enter” on the keyboard, Hoffman explains.

A wide variety of substrates can be printed on CX1200e, including matte, semi-gloss and glossy laser plain papers, white and clear polyesters and PVC. Large 305 mm maximum diameter input and output rolls maximize efficiency.

Finishing System

The Digital Label Finishing System FX 1200e is being referred to by Mathiesen as a “small revolution” when it comes to digital finishing of labels.

It “finishes” the printed output with several different operations including lamination, digital die-cutting, waste matrix removal, slitting and rewinding.

Höines Marking has invested in both machines because the combined system allows them to print and sell small series of labels in full four colors to an affordable price.

Four colors

- We have been into digital printing of labels for 10 years. Normally we run series from 500 to 100 000 copies. But we have had difficulties in delivering high quality labels in four colors, until now, says Lars Höines, marketing manager in Höines Marking AS.

Höines Marking is now the only company in Norway to offer this kind label printing in such scale. The two machines should be operative at Höines Marking's factory in Stavanger from 1. June 2010.

Packnews involved

Kjell Erik Mathiesen also tells us that he learned about the company Primera Technolgy in Minneapolis from reading an online article in Packnews for several years ago.

- This story was about Primera having developed a label print that could print labels in full colors from a roll. Nobody had ever heard about such a printer before and I got in touch with the company.

Since 2006, ACT Group has been the sales agent for Primera in Norway and Sweden, thanks to Packnews.

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