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Sales boosted with LCD

Kai Kristiansen believes that brand owners can increase their sales using LCD-displays, like Mills now do with great success.
Foto: Per Nordberg

Mills' school start campaign has been boosted with a 43 per cent increase in sale thanks to a shop display with integrated LCD-screen.


About Mills

Mills is a Norwegian manufacturer of foods. Most of the products need cooling, but Kaviar and Leverpostei are two major brands that can be displayed on the shop floor.

The LCD-display is integrated in a cardboard display, made by Peterson Packaging, Display. Mills have rented 100 LCD-screens from Peterson, and the numbers speak for themselves.

43 per cent up

The sales for brands like Kaviar and Leverpostei, which both have a very high market share, are up with 43 per cent during the campaign. For other displays that do not have an integrated LCD-screen, the campaign boost is "only" 14 per cent.

- The stop effect on customers are much stronger with an LCD-screen, than with ordinary dislplays, explains Nina Fernandez Kvammen in Mills.

On the screen, still pictures and video clips from a current TV advertising campaign is being showed, together with delicious examples of bring-along sandwiches made from the campaign products.

Videos and pictures on the LCD-screen make people stop. Then they very often pick a product from the display.
Per Nordberg


The campaign display developed by Peterson is unique in its kind. Unlike other countries, there aren't many LCD-screens to be seen in Norwegian shops.

- Many of our customers want TV-screens in the shops, but they fear the expences. Our solutions is cheaper, since the customers only buy the display, as usual. The LCD-screen can be rented from us for a short periode of time, like a monthr, says Kai Kristiansen i Peterson Packagaing, Display.

All information being showed in the screen is stored on a computer chip, programmed by the Peterson companion company, Display Teknikk.
- The shop attendants only need to plug in the power chord, there are no other buttons to push, Kristiansen says.

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